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Tomato sauce dresses gold: the idea of the palermitan chef Alessandro Mangano

Pubblished bykageja

A gold tomato sauce, more digestible and versatile than the traditional "red" to accompany dishes, giving them a "new life". The invention of the palermitan Alessandro Mangano, 46, head chef at the Baglio of Bolognetta. A new variation of a classic preparation, which promises to reconcile professional and consumers, the needs of people working in the kitchen and taste expectations.

"Sauce - says Mangano to PalermoToday - has a yellow-gold color, but this does not mean that I use yellow tomato, in fact, you can use the different varieties of fruit, the thing is to pick the tomato before .. . usually when it has a color from green to gold. "

Change the time of collection. A detail for the layman, but essential. "The benefits - emphasizes Mangano - are different because it is a healthier product, collect the fruit before means not having to use pesticides and other products that stimulate growth.

Change the color of the sauce and increases digestibility. "With the new processing method - says Mangano - we have a product with a lower pH tomato at this stage of maturation can reduce the use of salt, do not add sugar to counteract the acidity, which is already very low. The tomato sauce, has 65% less salt than traditional recipe. A much more palatable sauce, which can also be consumed by those suffering from digestive disorders. "

The taste of each dish is enhanced and the risk that the tomato overwhelm other flavors are not running.

Source: palermotoday.it